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26 Luglio 2020

Skies and Secrets

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Happy Indomitus Day! If you’re playing with your box of models or diving into Gav Thorpe’s fabulous new novel (which you can download as an eBook and MP3 audiobook right now!), spare us just a couple of minutes to take a look at what else you can pre-order now, ready for reading and listening to next weekend.

Primaris Space Marines are a boon to every Chapter they join, but they’re not always told everything about their new brothers…

In Phil Kelly’s War of Secrets, Primaris Dark Angels learn that there’s more to the Unforgiven than they were initially aware of as they face battle-scarred t’au. The novel is now available as an MP3 audiobook – perfect for listening to while you paint your Indomitus models (as Dark Angels, perhaps).

In the Mortal Realms, the Kharadron Overlords crew of the Iron Dragon seek riches on the mysterious sky-island of Profit’s Ruin.

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None have ever escaped this strange floating reef – but Brokrin Ullissonn thinks he and his crew can be the first to return with the untold riches Profit’s Ruin is reputed to hold. Find out if he’s correct – pre-order the paperback now.

You can also pick up the Indomitus novel and the boxed set in Warhammer stores today – head to your local store to claim yours while you can.

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